Interested in carrying WoodWe products in your store? That’s awesome!

Partnering with WoodWe is an expression of your company’s commitment to sustainability, supporting small businesses, and preserving the beauty of the planet.

Most importantly of all, you can be sure your customers will love these precision-engineered accessories, crafted from a wide assortment of gorgeous natural materials. Stocking WoodWe products gives your customers the opportunity to connect with nature every time they use their connective devices, and to express their individuality as citizens of the world.

We love hearing from retailers, so don’t be afraid to reach out. We’ll aim to come to an arrangement that puts WoodWe accessories on your shelves and a smile on your face, but there’s absolutely no obligation. Even if you’re just considering your options, it never hurts to find out more.

To request a personalized answer, just contact us at partnerships [at] woodwe.eu or fill the form below.